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Artificial potted plants are not tacky; on the contrary, they are gorgeous. The fake potted plants’ import trend in china in 2021 shows excellent prospects in the future. Are you sourcing an authentic artificial plants supplier? This blog provides you with little knowledge about artificial potted plants, how to find actual fake potted plant wholesalers, etc., and provides you with more potted plant wholesale information.

What Are Fake Potted Plants Made Of?


The primary material of artificial plants on the market is PE. Other materials include polystyrene, ceramics, foam, and metal. Some unique artificial plant leaves and flowers will use silk and paper, and some glue and other items will use to combine fake plants with The flowers are fixed together to make them look more realistic and artistic.

Sunwing unique Planting pot way

Medium/large potted plants
Small/desktop potted plants


Planting pot way:Cement+foam+cement (+black paint/black yarn)     Cement + foam + cement (+ black paint)

Foam injection:Liquid injection, foam filling,random molding                 Finished foam

There is a specific ratio of cement and water, ensuring that the glue will not crack after drying. In addition, the surface of the black gauze we use is potted, and the surface of the black paint is relatively flat, and there will be no sand falling. Make our artificial potted plants look more realistic.

Why People Prefer Decorative Artificial Potted Plants?


You might ask, do people still like artificial potted plants? The answer is yes. They have the following characteristics:

  • No maintenance  

For those who don’t have time to take care of flowers and plants, artificial potted plants are the best choice. They don’t need watering or pruning. Noble and elegant accompany them every day.

  • No leaves will drop from faux greeneries

Real flowers and trees will drop their leaves. When they are fake, the foliage and silk flower’s petals stay well, and there is no need to clean up after your plants.

  • Able to keep up with the trend

The most critical point of a simulated potted plant is that it will not be out of date. You can put it in any corner you need. If you think it is too monotonous, you can change it to a pot or a DIY potted plant that is popular now. Just give full play to yourself. Creativity can always play a role.

Best Faux Potted Plants In 2021


The following are some of the potted artificial plants recommended to you based on the sunwing export data in 2021.

Desktop Artificial Plant Wholesale


sunwing desktop artificial mini small plants in pots catalogs
Desktop Small Mini Plants Wholesale Catalog

Download Mini Artificial Plants Catalog>>

Artificial Floor Plant


sunwing floor artificial trees in pots catalog
Floor Artificial Plants InPots Catalog

Download Floor Artificial Plants Catalog>>

Hanging Artificial plants

MOQ: 50pcs

hanging baskets and desktop plants pots
Hanging Artificial Plants Pots Wholesale

Download Hanging Artificial Plants Catalog>>

In addition to the above artificial potted plants, you can also go to our catalog to learn more about products!

SUNWING — Largest Supplier Of Faux Plants in Pot

Many people may consider the following factors when they want to import artificial potted plants bulk: whether the supplier can be mass-produced, provide quality assurance, and pass the certification of a professional organization.

SUNWING — Six unique systems

The six systems are After-sale service、Packing system、Quality Control System、Key parameter system、Supply System、Warehousing System. Now, I want to focus on introducing you to the quality control system.

  • Quality Control System

Sunwing has established standard inspection procedures to control raw materials procurement strictly and conduct testing and trial production of raw materials. From purchasing raw materials to the completion of shipment, corresponding personnel will conduct inspections in each link. The products we produce have passed SGS certification and are manufactured by ISO 9001 standards.

SUNWING — Three advantages


  • Experience:Sunwing was established in 2003 and had more than 15 years of experience in the artificial plant industry. Have professional staff to provide you with professional consultation.
  • Mass production:Sunwing has its own 1,000 square meter factory with more than 200 machines and hundreds of molds. Can provide more profitable wholesale or distributor pricing, producing and delivering a large number of goods within a given time.
  • Support customization:We have many styles of potted plants. In addition, we introduce new ones every month, which can support customizing the types you want.

Other FAQs


How to be a Sunwing Dealer ?

To become our distributor, you need to meet the following conditions:Large quantity for each order、regular and stable orders、haven’t had an exclusive dealer in your area.

What support is there to become a distributor?

As our distributor, you can prioritize the delivery date, price discounts, or commission return, provide complete product information, photos, videos, and other materials, and prioritize recommending new products.

How about the product warranty

With over three years outdoors and three years indoors warranty for most of our PE plants pots, you rest assured for applying for a long-time display.


After you have learned about artificial plants, you will find that investing in artificial plants in the future is the right idea. Sunwing has more than 15 years of experience in the artificial plant industry. Our products have passed SGS and ROSH certifications. If you are interested in artificial potted plants, Welcome to contact us thru

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