6 Reasons to Choose Artificial Plants For Office Interiors

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Not all establishments provide adequate maintenance that artificial plants for office decor are the best choice among those office plants from large shopping malls to small restaurants. In the following article, you will learn: Commercial grade artificial plants for interiors, artificial vs. natural plants for office which one is best.

Artificial Office Plants For Interiors Are Commercial Grade!



  • Commercial grade means more durability!

Unlike residential-grade office plants, commercial-grade artificial plants for indoor offices are designed to meet the durability standards of harsh indoor or outdoor environments. Usually, the shelf life of artificial plants is three years indoors and five years outdoors.

  • Commercial grade means highly UV resistant!

Comparing to home décor artificial plants, the market’s most commercial fake plant is UV certified to maintain its evergreen as time goes, which may vary depending on the area’s altitude, temperature, and UV levels, with a majority using it for three years.

Consider Fire Protection For Indoor Artificial Plants for Office


Artificial plants are mainly made up of fresh PE. Because of the need to have a fire safety rating for interior decoration, artificial plants manufacturers produce fire retardants that will not cause extensive fires! Learn more about fire retardant fake plants knowledge.

Green Color Psychology Reduce Stress


Color psychology suggests that different colors can evoke different moods and emotions; Color psychology shows that colors can evoke different moods and emotions. For example, green produces images of trees and forests, making them calming and relaxing.

In a study conducted by the University of Technology in Australia, Indoor plants can help to reduce stress levels:

  • Stress and anxiety lessened by 37%
  • Reduced fatigue 38%
  • The decline in anger and hostility 44%
  • Decrease in depression 58%

So which one do you choose? Real or fake plants?

Artificial VS. Real Plants for Office | Absolutely No Rivals


  • Less Maintenance

Compared to natural plants, fake plants remain perfectly decorated and do not require manual maintenance, saving costs.

  • Environmentally friendly

Made from 100% new PE, recyclable and harmless to the environment!

  • Friendly to humans & pets

Artificial plants are the optimum choice if you have a history of allergies, with heavy metal and non-toxic testing to international standards.

Nature plants can provide you with fresh air, the best choice for purifying the atmosphere, producing negative ions beneficial to the human body, and attracting some more troublesome insects to maintain.

Versatile Styles & Size Interior Artificial Plants


Artificial plants for offices are available in various colors and sizes to suit your office, as there is no restriction on soil or temperature, and they can be produced to meet your requirements.

Spruce up Office Interiors Artificial Plants and Trees




There are always corners indoors that are not used, which are not exposed to sunlight and are ideal for planting artificial plants to change the monotonous atmosphere. Such hubs are perfect for artificial snake plants. You choose different pots for them to make them look ideal.



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