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Top 5 Artificial Floor Plant Wholesale From Sunwing

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With the increased demand for indoor artificial plants for decoration, various new artificial floor plants emerge endlessly. Compared with natural plants, fake potted plants are more widely used in a range of applications. In this blog, we will introduce to you:

  1. Sunwing’s top 5 fake floor plants
  2. The advantages of Sunwing artificial plants
  3. Tips for importing artificial trees in pots from China
  4. Conclusion

Now, let’s take a look at the top 5 floor artificial plants from Sunwing:

Top1: Artificial Topiary Trees–Realistic Evergreen Plants



This fabulous full artificial Boxwood topiary tree keeps its colors when the rest lose their color and leaves. Its lush foliage that requires no daily maintenance creates ambiance while adding a touch of greenery through vibrant and realistic foliage!

Application: Ideal for easy-care decoration on your home or outdoor porch, patio, or deck with them.

Material: plastic fabric leaves + natural wood trunk

Benefits of using artificial boxwood 

This tree, with its unique shape, is perfect for artistic creations!

  • MOQ:200-500PCS
  • Easy to move but can withstand the wind
  • All kinds of artificial topiary trees styles for choices
  • UV retardant & fire avaliable

Top2: Artificial Bamboo plant–Privacy Protection Master


Artificial-Bamboo-plant-Privacy-Protection Master

This elegant faux bamboo has bright slender crisp leaves that thrive without water, sunlight, or pruning. In China, it symbolizes the resilience of life and eternal youthful vitality.

Application: Suitable for yard and privacy protection, more aesthetically pleasing.

Material: Lush silk leaves and natural bamboo trunk

Use Sunwing fake bamboo plants in your business


Using faux bamboo plants in privacy protection is a combination of art and practicality!

  • MOQ: 200PCS
  • Flexible choices of the basin & sturdy trunks
  • Customized heights from 70cm-240cm
  • Supports customized leaf density

Top3: Artificial Snake Plants–Most Innovative Plants



Famous for its exciting patterns and curved leaves, the artificial snake plant has been a hot export item in recent years! Bring a taste of the tropics into your abode with this potted snake plant! This botanical offers organic allure without ever having you worrying about watering or finding the perfect slice of sunlight.

Application: Great for home or office, or if you’re creative, you can choose to move it into the planter!

Material: Plastic Fabric Leave, Pots are filled with sand using a black lacquer cover; a mountain grass cover can also be used, but it requires fumigation and is not permitted in the region!

Advantage of Sunwing fake snake plant


As an artificial plant manufacturer, we always endeavor to provide the optimum quality products. We produced fake snake plants that have two colors: yellow and green. Our artificial snake plant lets you adjust the trunk to the shape you like without worrying that the box will break with sturdy inner metal wires.

  • MOQ:20-500 pieces according to size
  • Bendable leaves & Solid blade
  • Easy Maintenance & Lifelike
  • Multi-layer packaging to protect products from contamination

Top4: Artificial Monstera Plant–Best artificial floor plant decor



The fake monster symbolizes wealth and is loved by everyone! The plastic artificial monstera leaves highly restore the deep green of the natural ones. Real touch silk leaves take you a natural feeling. You’ll have everyone fooled because they look so realistic.

Application: Home, office, commercial area, party, hotel, and other spaces; you will immediately feel the charm of the tropical rainforest.

Material: Hard PVC material for the backbone, Glue Silk Leaves! The filling of the basin is cement at the bottom, foam in the middle, cement, black painted cover.

Sunwing Manufactured Artificial Monstera Plant


Most of the products on the market have a lighter color on the back of the leaves and use soft PVC for the main stem, which is prone to weathering and brittleness. Sunwing’s faux monstera plant has a bright green color with no color leaks.

  • MOQ:50-200PCS according to size
  • Uses three large leaves of 58cm diameter each,making the whole product perfect
  • Fireproof & No need for a green thumb

Top5:Artificial Traveler Palm–Perfect Artificial plants for living room




Place this artificial travelers palm on your indoor porch for a natural finish. Travelers palm leaves with smooth edges, a great combination of dark stems and light color leaves!

Material: Silk leaves & plastic trunk. Detachable leaves, so you can change them to suit your aesthetic!

Application: Suitable for rural style building, living room, garden. Using some small lights for DIY is also a good choice!

Tips for importing faux floor plants from China


When you choose to import artificial plants in China, I will give you information to help your follow-up business smoothly.

  • Know your region’s policy on importing from China.
  • Minimum order quantity requirement! If you buy in small quantities, you can choose your local wholesaler!
  • Some of the products use real wood poles. Therefore, we will choose to use fumigation techniques to prevent insect infestation during transport.
  • Qualified artificial plants factory with ISO & SGS certification

Sunwing factory has passed ISO standard certification, and its artificial plants are tested with SGS to be UV & fire protection. Also, we detail what you need to know about importing artificial potted plants. Welcome to read!

Choose Sunwing As Your Fake Floor Plants Supplier


As one of the best artificial plants supplier in China, we have contributed to manufacturing and exporting premium fake plastic plants or silk plants products. If you are interested in artificial floor plants wholesale in any sizes for indoor or outdoor decorations, welcome to contact us to get full floor plants catalogs and pricing. We sincerely look forward to meeting your ideas!

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