Small Fake Monstera Plant in Pot Bulk PT006

Fake monstera plant can be produced into leaves of different widths in Sunwing. Use in home decoration.

Product Name: Small Fake Monstera Plant in Pot Bulk PT006
Material: Plastic Stems+Glue Silk Leaves
Size: 65-90CM/Customization Optional
Warranty: indoor 3 years
MOQ: 50-100 pieces according to size
Shipping: Global Sea Freight

Small Fake Monstera Plant in Pot Bulk

Carefully crafted to mimic the appearance of a real-life monstera plant, it looks lifelike and adds a touch of nature to your space. With the stable solid pot, it is perfect for any room or office decor. Enjoy its features of:

  • Wind resistant
  • Premium PVC material
  • Custom packages

With the capacity for mass production, Sunwing welcome retailers, wholesalers or anyone who are sourcing fake potted monstera plant all over the world to reach out to


Artificial Monstera Plant in Pot Mass Customization


Searching for the factory with custom manufacturing options of mini faux potted monstera plant? 

Sunwing provides you various choices of heights, trunk styles, leaves numbers,  pot designs.

Pros of small size-artificial monstera deliciosa plant in pot | MOQ: 50pcs

With a basin of 6-7 inches, it is very suitable for decorating your home or office space and bringing a fresh feeling to your desktop. The basin is tightly filled with cement and foam in layers, so there is no need to worry about accidental collisions. In addition, you can put your small fake monstera plant indoors with other artificial plants of different sizes and types to create a unique design and vibrant atmosphere.

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