Plastic Artificial Monstera Trees with Pot PT006

Plastic Artificial Monstera Trees can be manufactured UV& Fire for different leaves.

Product Name: Plastic Artificial Monstera Trees with Pot PT006
Material: Plastic Stems(hose)+Glue Silk Leaves
Size: 80-180CM/Customization Optional
Warranty: indoor 3 years
MOQ: 50 pieces
Shipping: Global Sea Freight

Plastic Artificial Monstera Tree in Pot Supplier

The plastic artificial monstera leaves highly restore the deep green of the natural ones. When you meet the fake tropical foliage, you can perceive coolness around your body, as if you are walking in a humid tropical rainforest. Standing 80-180cm in pots, it is ideal for indoor and out decoration. Enjoy this fake potted monstera plant with the following features:

  • SGS Certified UV & Fire Rated
  • Zero maintenance
  • Multiple size options

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Fake Monstera Plant in Pot | MOQ: 50pcs

Various sizes of the plastic artificial monstera trees in pots can be chosen in Sunwing artificial plant factory are supported to be customized if in bulk needs on:

Height | Stem | Leaves | With or without Pots | Packages


Why Sunwing Faux Monstera Plant | China

  • Solid planter filled with cement and foam in layers
  • Equipped with cores and unique emerald color to be more realistic
  • Other kinds: low-rise and grouper fake monstera deliciosas
  • No middleman can cut procurement costs.

For a large number of wholesale, Sunwing provides customized potted plastic artificial monstera trees. The leaves of the customized model can be provided in different shades and sizes.

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