Net Shape Leaves Artificial Small Potted Plants Manufacturer China

PRODUCT NAME: Net Shape Leaves Artificial Small Potted Plants PZ013
MATERIAL: Silk Leaves
SIZE: 38 * 35 cm
WARRANTY: indoor 3 years
PACKAGE: 24 pieces/box
MOQ: 200 pieces
SHIPPING: Global Sea Freight
Artificial Small Potted Plants wholesale

Artificial Small Potted Plants Net Shape Pattern Supplier

White Net Patterns:

With white net pattern on the lush green leaves, this kind of artificial small potted plants will bring your desktop vitality. No need of watering or cutting, this small faux plant is ideal for indoor places such as home, office, school etc.  

net shape small pots faux plants details
net shape leaves desktop artificial plants details

Red Net Patterns:

For more choices, the red net pattern faux small potted plants are also on the list. Meanwhile, a lot of time and money will be saved for its easy-maintenance. Features:

  • Easy maintenance
  • Long lifetime
  • Mass production
  • Evergreen Appearance

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Different Small Potted Plants Artificial Plants Wholesale

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Artificial Small Potted Plants Desktop Decor

With mini size & highly lifelike look, this kind of faux plants is perfect to brighten up your table.

small potted artificial plants desktop decor
small faux plants in pot indoor decor

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