Large Artificial Pine Tree New Design

Product Name: Large Artificial Pine Tree
Material: Leaf: silk fabric
Trunk: fiberglass with steel structure
Bottom:steel plate for fixing
Size: Customization Optional
Warranty: Indoor 5 Years; Outdoor 3 Years
Lead Time: Normally 15 – 30 Days
MOQ: According to Size
Shipping: Global Sea Freight
pine tree artificial tree detail

Artificial Pine Tree Outdoor & Indoor Manufacturer 

As a symbol of firm, elegance and longevity, the artificial pine tree becomes an ideal decoration for commercial spaces or events. With numerous dark green pine needles sprout from twisting robust trunk, the artificial pine tree brightens up your spaces with its unique appearance. This kind of pine faux trees will bring your spaces vitality for its:

  •       Long lifetime
  •       Easy maintenance
  •       UV resistance

If you are looking for artificial pine tree supplier for your business or project, look at this artificial pine tree! For more details, please contact us thru!

Different Styles Artificial Pine Tree Customization

A large range of styles can be chosen or you can customize by your requirement on:

Leaves Density | Height | Color | Packages 

man-made pine tree different styles

Large artificial Pine Tree Decor

With UV & fire proof, this artificial pine tree is perfect for indoor and outdoor décor. Plus, this tree never needs water, so it’s a snap to care for, and will look great for years to come, whether it’s in indoor spaces or outdoor spaces.

giant artificial pine tree outdoor decor garden
large pine artificial tree outdoor decor

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