Faux Olive Tree in Pot Denser TPT019

Sunwing artificial olive trees in pots can be manufactured in different densities for different markets.

Product Name: Faux Olive Tree in Pot Denser TPT019
Material: Lush Silk Leaves + Plastic Trunk
Size: 120-180CM/Customization Optional
Warranty: Indoor 5 Years; Outdoor 3 Years
MOQ: 100-200 pieces according to size
Lead Time: Normally 15 – 30 Days
UV&Fire: Optional for large MOQ

Faux Olive Tree in Pot Bulk Supplier

Made of lush silk leaves and plastic trunks, the artificial potted olive tree is evergreen without the worry of fertilization and watering. It is housed inside a black pot for a decorative touch. You can put it in both inside and outside areas to brings a touch of nature. Enjoy it with the features of:

  • Denser Leaves
  • Extremely Lifelike
  • Zero Maintenance
  • MOQ: 100-200pcs according to size

If you are sourcing for a wholesaler providing artificial olive trees with denser leaves in pots, you can connect Sunwing thru sales@sunwingartificialplant.com for more information.

Sunwing Synthetic Potted Olive Tree | Dense/sparse

Looking for the luxuriant faux olive tree in pot with custom manufacturing options? Sunwing provides you different heights, sizes, or dimensions of olive trees in pots.

Sunwing is a factory-direct artificial plant supplier, wholesaler, and exporter. It can customize

  • the height
  • with or without pots
  • packages
  • trunkstrunk

As to design and installation assistance, our team will be eager to help you out. 


Why Denser Fake Potted Olive Tree?

Compared with common trees, lush faux olive trees in pots have more branches and leaves, making them look fuller and more beautiful.

Moreover, The denser the leaves, the better the quality, the longer lifespan it has.

The denser fake olive tree can effortlessly provide beauty in large bare spaces for your multifunctional landspace designs and architects. You can download the catalog of artificial olive tree in pot to see more.


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