Faux Monstera Plant with Silk Leaves in Pot PT006

Faux monstera plant with silk leave makes lively. They usually appear in the venue, office area, etc.

Product Name: Faux Monstera Plant with Silk Leaves in Pot PT006
Material: silk fabric
Size: Customization Optional
Warranty: Indoor 5 Years; Outdoor 3 Years
Payment: TT & LC Available
MOQ: According to Size
Shipping: Global Sea Freight

Faux Monstera Plant with Silk Leaves in Pot Supplier

Real touch silk leaves take you a lifelike feeling. You’ll have everyone fooled because they look so realistic. Put it in your home, office, commercial area, party, hotel, and other spaces, you will immediately feel the charm of the tropical rainforest. Meanwhile, the following features will make it ideal as a decoration:

  • UV resistance & fireproof
  • Customization optional
  • No need for a green thumb

If you are in search of a professional silk fake monstera plant in pots, Sunwing is ready to provide you with bulk orders thru sales@sunwingartificialplant.com.

Different Styles of Artificial Monstera Potted Plants Mass Production

A large range of heights can be chosen or you can customize:
Leaves Number | Pot | Material | Stem | Packages


Advantages of Silk Faux Monstera Plant in Pot

Because it is a fake plant, it will not cause allergies, attract insects, or grow any mold.
Different from the natural one, you can put silk fake monstera plants in a dark light condition.
As for conservation, you only need to wipe off the dust on the surface with a clean towel regularly to store them forever.
Sunwing also has artificial monstera plants in other materials and varieties, and welcome to download the catalog.

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