Double Ball Artificial Boxwood Ball in Pot Bulk

Product Name: Double Ball Artificial Boxwood Ball PT015
Material: plastic fabric leaves + real wood trunk
Size: 150 cm (can be customized)
Warranty: Indoor 5 years; Outdoor 3 years
Lead Time: Normally 15 – 30 days
MOQ: 200 pieces
UV Stable: Customization Optional
Artificial Boxwood Ball manufacturer

Double Ball Artificial Boxwood Ball Topiary Bulk

This artificial boxwood ball with two balls in the planter is no doubt a decoration which will catch your eyes. Lush green leaves sprouting from the real wood trunk, creating an atmosphere of spring in any weather and season. Enjoy the fantastic features of:

  • UV Retardant
  • Highly Lifelike
  • Long Lifetime
  • Easy Maintenance

Sizes, styles and shapes can be customized according to requirements. If you are contractor, designer, retailer or wholesalers who are searching for artificial boxwood ball supplier, welcome reach out to

Customer Styles Artificial boxwood topiary Bulk

If in bulk need, the shapes can be customized on Leaves’ Density | Color | Shape | Height | Pots | Packages . Plus, OEM & ODM service is available.

faux boxwood topiary customer size

Artificial Boxwood Ball Outdoor & Indoor Decor

With UV retardant optional, the faux wood topiary can be put outside without worries. The evergreen appearance is an ideal decoration for indoors.

double ball artificial boxwood topiary indoor decor
faux boxwood topiary double ball home decor
boxwood ball artificial topiary outdoor decor

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