Codiaeum Variegatum Large Artificial Ficus Tree

Product Name. Artificial Ficus Tree PT012
Material: lush plastic foliage + plastic trunk
Regular Size: 150 cm(customization optional for large MOQ)
Warranty: Indoor 5 years; Outdoor 3 years
Certificate: UV test report, heavy metal test by SGS
Package: 4 pieces/ box
MOQ: 200 pieces
Shipping: Global Sea Freight
large faux ficus plant details

Large Artificial ficus tree for sale

Excellent appearance of beauty and magnificence, this kind of artificial ficus trees is a welcome decoration to any space. The faux ficus tree offers fade-resistant beauty requiring no maintenance. Features:

  • SGS Certified UV & Fire Rated
  • Wind Proof,
  • Fade Retardant

As a factory-direct business, Sunwing has the capacity of mass production and professional customization. For any requirement of artificial ficus tree procurement, welcome to contact us thru to put forward your needs.

            Codiaeum Variegatum Artificial Ficus Tree Customization

            Codiaeum Variegatum Artificial Ficus Trees Customization

With professional teams and abundant experience,  you can customize on:

Leaves density | Height | Style | Package

Artificial Ficus Tree Outdoor & Indoor

UV & fade retardant, fire & wind proof, the Codiaeum variegatum artificial ficus tree is perfect to making up gardens, rooms, or any other outdoors and indoors!

fake ficus tree Codiaeum Variegatum indoor decor
large artificial ficus plant indoor and outdoor decoration
small artificial ficus tree on table indoor decoration

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