Large Tall Faux Banana Tree for Outdoors TPT021

Large Tall Faux Banana Tree is suitable for outdoor use, looks realistic. A variety of heights can be manufactured in Sunwing.

Product Name: Large Tall Faux Banana Tree TPT021
Material: Lush Silk Leaves+plastic
Size: Customization Optional
MOQ: 50 pieces
Warranty: Indoor 5 Years; Outdoor 3 Years
Lead Time: Normally 15 – 30 days

Large Tall Fake Outdoors Banana Tree Manufacturer

Large fake banana palm trees are placed outdoors to give a tropical atmosphere. Tall tree poles and lush foliage make up its beautiful figure. The leaf blade is oblong, the tip is blunt, and the base is nearly round, symmetrical on both sides. Sunwing manufactures the banana tree uses a brand-new material without any peculiar smell; we have a professional service team and its factory, mass production capacity & profitable wholesale price. We have the following advantages:

  • ODM & OEM Available
  • Standardized process & Strict quality control
  • UV & fire protection with SGS certification
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Large Tall faux Outdoors Banana Tree Decoration

Customization: Number of leaves | Height | style | Packages

Large banana trees are very suitable for decorating outdoor spaces, especially in playgrounds, parks, or other places, to give your room a majestic & fantastic impression. The leaf veins made of silk are visible. It has the following features:

  • Free of Maintenance 
  • Incredibly Lifelike & Long Lifetime
  • Customization Optional

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