Artificial Fan Palm Plant in Pot for Interior Decor TPT001

Sunwing artificial fan palm plant in pot can be manufactured in different densities for different markets.

Product Name: Artificial Fan Palm Plant in Pot for Interior Decor TPT001
Material: silk fabric
Size: Customization Optional
Warranty: Indoor 5 Years; Outdoor 3 Years
Payment: TT & LC Available
MOQ: According to Size
Shipping: Global Sea Freight

Artificial Fan Palm Plant in Pot for Indoor Decoration Wholesale

Made from silk fabric, the lifelike lush leaves extend outwards into large fan shapes and stand at multiple heights. It will maximize your wasted indoor spaces, such as home, office, hotel, restaurant, shopping mall, big event backdrop. This fake fam palm tree in the pot will add dimension and drama to your indoor decoration. Enjoy the features:

  • UV Protection
  • Heavy Metal Free
  • 5 years warranty for safe indoors

If you are a contractor of a large project, wholesaler, or you are looking for a supplier of artificial plants, you can reach out to


Faux Fan Palm Custom Manufacturer in China

As a factory-direct artificial plants manufacturer in china, Sunwing provides you with different styles of fake trees. You can ask for the special designs of heights, pots, densities, multi-stems, and packages for your bulk purchasing.


Perfect Packaging Services in Sunwing China

Sunwing always uses the five-layer AB corrugated board to ensure the soundness of the carton. The nylon bag, pass through the carton, plays a stabilizing role. Moreover, Each planter is covered with a bubble column to reduce the depletion during transportation. And the plant will be covered with a two-end film bag to protect it from pollution.
As to the customization, Sunwing cooperating with several suppliers of cartons, which can meet the different requirements of the customized packages. Meanwhile, with multiple suppliers as options, we can ensure the lowest prices and the quickest delivery time.
Sunwing has larger ranges of artificial plants than just the artificial fan palm plant in a pot. You can reach out to the products guide and download the catalog for more orders.

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