Artificial Dracaena Plant in Pots Large

Product Name: Artificial Dacaena Plant PT013
Material: Plastic Fabric
Size: 150 cm (Customization Optional for Large Order Quantities)
Warranty: Indoor 5 years; Outdoor 3 years
Lead Time: Normally 15 – 30 Days
MOQ: 200 pieces
Shipping: Global Sea Freight
faux dracaena plant in pot details

Artificial Dracaena Plant Supplier

Customization: Leaves’ Density | Number of Trunks | Height | Pots | Packages

An impressive piece, with long, vibrant foliage, the thick leaves that make up this artificial dracaena plant provide a lush and full experience. With extreme attention to details and strict control of quality, the artificial dracaena plant is UV resistant and fireproof. This faux plants in pot will bring your spaces green for its:

  • ultra-realistic appearance
  • UV & fire retardant

If you are looking for artificial dracaena plant for your project or business, please reach out to now!

Artificial Dracaena Plant Decor Outdoor & Indoor

No need of water or fertile or other care make it great for indoor or outdoor places.

large artificial dacaena plant indoor decor
artificial dracaena plant outdoor decor
small fake dracaena plant tabletop decor

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