Artificial Croton Plant in Pot Wholesale PT012

Artificial Croton Plant in Pot can be manufactured UV protected, Indoor& outdoor rated all many occassions.

Product Name: Artificial Croton Plant in Pot Wholesale PT012
Material: Plastic Fabric
Size: 150CM
MOQ: 200 pieces
Package: 4 pieces/box
Shipping: Global Sea Freight
UV&Fire: Optional for large MOQ

China Faux Croton Plant In Pot Supplier

The variegated leaf tree, also called the croton plant, is native to tropical regions. The green leaves with small yellow-red veins make up its unique appearance. The main stem of the potted plant manufactured by Sunwing is a plastic rod, use the factory machine is integrally formed. The after installation is relatively simple. To increase the stability of the potted plant, the pot is filled with cement and covered with black paint, which makes it safe and beautiful. This fake croton plant will please your eyes with:

  • Long lifetime
  • Easy maintenance & UV resistance
  • MOQ: 200 pieces

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Sunwing Artificial Croton Palm Advantage

We support customization: Height | Leaves | Material of Pots | Packages

Using a brand-new PE material, no odor, and the blades look more vigorous. SGS certified UV and fire protection can meet the non-fading protection of residential or commercial, indoor or outdoor.


Indoors & Outdoors Decoration Faux Croton Plant Tree

This beautiful, challenging, and elegant plant brings tropical romantic feelings, so you can’t refuse it. Whether it place the window or outdoors, it can constitute a retro picture. It does not need water and sunlight, and it can be placed wherever you need it. The texture of the leaf is visible, and if you don’t distinguish it carefully, no one will doubt its authenticity. The same applies to hotels, playgrounds, etc.

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