Artificial Cherry Blossom Tree Romantic Pink Cherry

Product Name: Artificial Peach Blossom Tree Large
Material: Flower:Silk Fabric
Trunk:Fiberglass with Steel Structure
Bottom:Fiberglass with Steel Plate for Fixing
Size: Customization Optional
Warranty: Indoor 10 Years; Outdoor 3 – 5 Years
Lead Time: Normally 15 – 30 Days
MOQ: According to Size

Fake Cherry Blossom Tree Manufacturer

Conventional cherry blossoms use pink, white, and red as the main colors, and the fake cherry tree can meet the color needs of special users, such as blue, which is a relatively different color. As an experienced fake tree manufacturer we also have many unique advantages.

  • Product quality is stable and guaranteed.
  • We can provide customized services.
  • We have a professional after-sales team.

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Artificial Cherry Blossom Trees Wedding Decoration

Pink cherry blossoms represent pure love and are very suitable for weddings or marriage proposals. In addition, some romantic-themed hotels and restaurants often use this kind of artificial cherry tree for decoration.


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