Artificial Bird of Paradise Tree with Flower & Pot PT002

Discover Artificial Bird of Paradise Tree with a flower pot in Sunwing. Multiple types can support customization.

Product Name: Artificial Bird of Paradise Tree with Flower & Pot Bulk PT002
Material: Plastic/td>
Size: 56 CM-76 CM/Customization Optional
MOQ: 200 pieces
Lead Time: Normally 15 – 30 days
Warranty: Indoor 5 Years; Outdoor 3 Years
Shipping: Global Sea Freight

Artificial Bird of Paradise Tree With Flower & Pot Wholesale

The plastic symmetrically distributed oblong blades leave, on this fake bird of paradise in the pot, reminiscent of those on the fake banana tree. The detailed design of the longitudinal groove in the middle of the leaf makes it looks lifelike. However, different from the faux banana tree, its flower is composed of orange sepals and blue petals in color. And the unique shape of the flower is like a crane looking into the distance. Features:

  • Certificated UV & Fire Rated
  • Colorful flowers
  • Long Lifetime

If you are sourcing for a wholesaler providing realistic faux bird of paradise tree in a pot, you can connect Sunwing thru for more information.

Fake Bird of Paradise Plant Customization

Various sizes of the plastic artificial bird of paradise trees in pots can be chosen. Sunwing artificial plant factory is supported to be customization if in bulk needs on:
Height | Pot | Leaves number | Color | Packages


Potted Faux Bird of Paradise Plant Supplier in China| MOQ: 200pcs

Because of its unique shape and bright colors, the bird of paradise is a symbol of happiness and good fortune. Whether it is placed in an indoor conference hall or hotel lobby, or in an outdoor venue for large-scale events, it can add elegance and bring you good luck. We guarantee you the following promises:

  • Lead time in 15-30 days
  • Products match the confirmed samples
  • Professional after-sales consulting service

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