Artificial Bird of Paradise Plant in Pot Bulk

Product Name: Artificial Bird of Paradise Plant in Pot TPT002
Material: silk leaves + plastic trunk
Size: 80 – 220 cm ( can be customized)
Warranty: Indoor 5 years; Outdoor 3 years
Lead Time: Normally 15 – 30 days
MOQ: 40 – 60 pieces according to size
Shipping: Global Sea Freight
Artificial traveler palm tree outdoor & indoor details

Artificial Bird of Paradise Plant in Pot Bulk

Customization:  Number of Leaves | Height | Color | Packages

Bring greenery to any place you want with the stately, majestic artificial bird of paradise trees in pot. Variegated palm fronds with dark and light hues contrast each other in a drape-like way from lifelike stems with naturally occurring details. Plus, no extra maintenance is needed to keep it. These artificial plants in pot have features of:

  •       Long lifetime
  •       Easy maintenance
  •       UV resistance

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Faux Bird of Paradise Tree with Pot for Indoor & Outdoor

The UV retardant & easy maintenance make this kind of faux potted bird of paradise tree ideal for indoors and outdoors.

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large traveler artificial palm tree outdoor decor
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