Artificial Banana Tree Plant Single stem in Pot TPT021

Sunwing manufactured artificial banana tree plant with silk leave looks more natural. Design different stems for markets.

Product Name: Artificial Banana Tree Plant Single-stem in Pot TPT021
Material: Lush Silk Leaves
Size: 120CM
MOQ: 50 pieces
Leaf: 10 leaves/plant
Lead Time: Normally 15 – 30 days

Faux Banana Tree Plant potted with Single Stem Wholesale Supplier

The single-stem banana tree is like a dancing ballerina. The blades are sizeable single-layer plastic leaves to ensure that the edges can stretch naturally. The silk leaf makes the blade lines clearer & looks more realistic.

At Sunwing, currently, the conventional pots use 7-8 inch black square plastic pots. If you need it, we can provide international pot. The filling in the basin is finally sealed with black paint to prevent sand leakage. Enjoy it with the features of:

  • Extremely Lifelike
  • Zero Maintenance & Evergreen
  • MOQ:50 pieces

If you are sourcing high-quality artificial banana trees, welcome to contact us thru promise we can meet your needs exceed your expectation.

Single Stem with fake Banana Tree Plant Customized

With 15 years of export experience and cooperation with many logistics companies, we can provide customers with professional services. With multiple suppliers to choose from, we can ensure the lowest price and fastest delivery time. The size & style can be customized according to your requirement on Leaf density | Height | Stems | Packages

Sunwing provides other similar indoor and outdoor artificial plants. If you want to procure wholesale artificial plants information, choose Sunwing as your supplier!


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