Import Artificial Plants-in-Pot-Guide-In-China

Import Artificial Plants in Pot Guide In China

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As artificial plants in pot have diverse varieties and flexible applied choices, they are popular globally. This article will give you a comprehensive introduction to their import market, advantages, quality distinction, supplier selection, best sellers, and creative decorations.

Market Analysis For Importing Fake Potted Plants From China


Artificial potted plants search trend



From the picture, you can see in the search enthusiasm of global customers for the faux plant in the pot is stable in 2021. The top search countries are Britain, the United States, Australia, and Canada. As the artificial plant industry keeps expanding, there is no doubt that you can make a profit from it.



Good suppliers in China


  • Zeyi Arts & Crafts
  • Co-Arts Innovation
  • Guangzhou Konda Import & Export Co., Ltd
  • Sunwing Industries Ltd

Major import Countries


    • North America: The U.S.; Europe
    • The Netherlands: K.
    • Asia Pacific: Japan; China
    • Central & South America: Brazil
    • Middle East & Africa (MEA): South Africa

Pros Of Artificial Plants with Pot Comparing With The Real Ones


  • No need of Fumigation

The natural potted plants must have a Fumigation Certificate to protect the forests from foreign insects inside them in destination countries.

  • Various styles

Without the resistance of natural laws, they can be customized into different sizes and colors. And the guests can combine them into a larger pot to form a DIY bonsai.

  • Evergreen

Faux potted plants are never affected by seasonal changes.

  • Low maintenance cost

Made of plastic or silk, they don’t need water, manure, soil, or trimming. With little dusting and light washing, they can maintain their appearance for years.

How to Distinguish High-Quality Artificial Plants in Pot?


  • relatively higher cost results in better appearance

The quality of the plants dramatically reflects on the price. The higher price offers a more natural appearance, a more extended warranty, and more considerate additional services.

  • Solid structure

On the one hand, the leaves filled with plastic foam will reflect the fullness of the leaf very well. On the other hand, a solid pot filled with cement and foam in layers will not be blown down by the wind and can keep the plants from falling.

  • Exquisite details

1. excellent molds for realistic textures on trunks, stems, and leaves. 2. Leaves with practical color change and appropriate reflective properties. 3. Confused moss wood covered in the soil made of black sand.

  • Features with international certification

The UV & fire resistant test reports by SGS can guarantee a longer life span. Besides, to import to EU countries, they must pass the RoHS and REACH standards.

Most Chinese wholesalers or suppliers will provide you with high-quality products and services. The following part is going to show you what a reliable supplier in China is.

Top 3 Tips To Choose Artificial Plants In Planters Supplier In China


China is the largest exporter of fake potted plants. When searching online, you will find different suppliers on Alibaba, Google, and Made in China. How to find a genuine artificial plant supplier? Here we list three ways for you!

Tip.1 Authenticity of information


Make sure that the supplier information is accurate and consider the scale of the company. Here are three ideas:

  • Verify the authenticity of the supplier’s company through the enterprise information query platform.
  • Confirm the authenticity of the other party through telephone
  • Visit supplier factories offline

Tip.2 Rich experience


  • Newcomer support policy

A good supplier needs to provide a mature service system for the newcomers to help them enter the industry.

  • Customization service

A professional design team with lots of experience will significantly improve the efficiency of cooperation.

Tip.3 Production capacity


The supplier has mass production capacity is one of the essential factors to ensure on-time delivery. If you have an urgent order, they can also complete the production in time.

Apart from the above tips, consider ODM & OEM services, the number of factory machines, production molds, ISO standard certification crucial for your business.

When you decide to start your wholesale business, you should look at the following part of the best sellers in the market.

Sunwing Best-Selling Artificial Plants In Pot Wholesale In 2021


Top1: Artificial Fan Palm Plant –MOQ: 50PCS

Artificial-Fan Palm-Plant

The natural lush leaves extend outwards into large fan shapes and stand at multiple heights made from silk fabric. It will maximize your wasted indoor spaces.

  • UV Protection
  • Heavy Metal Free
  • Five years warranty for safe indoors

Top 2: Artificial Monstera Trees –MOQ:50PCS


The plastic artificial monstera leaves highly restore the deep green of the natural ones. When you meet the fake tropical foliage as if you are walking in a humid tropical rainforest.

  • UV resistance & fireproof
  • Customization optional
  • No need for a green thumb

Top3: Artificial Fiddle-Leaf Fig Trees –MOQ: 50-100PCS


The artificial fiddle leaf fig tree is ideal for both outdoor decor and indoor decor. Brighten up your corners with its evergreen foliage.

  • Talented designers & Open-minded marketers
  • With SGS certified UV & fire protection
  • Mass production capacity & Factory direct price

Top4: Artificial Potted Snake Plant –MOQ:50PCS


The waxy, variegated leaves of the snake artificial plant have yellow edges, resembling the real one’s intricate detailing. It can bring you good luck, long life, and prosperity. It is suitable for some elegant environment, such as studies, living room and office place.

  • SGS Certified UV & Fire Rated
  • Easy Maintenance
  • customized size& color

Creative designs for clients


It’s no fun to leave plants scattered around that early. It’s better to think of a unique way to make it different and more dynamic.

  • Mix different plants

Buy various plants and mix them with natural plants to make your garden more abundant. The leaves are detachable. It will be an excellent choice to make a creative landscape.

  • Let them off the ground

For some artificial hanging plants, please place them on a bench, plant stand, or hanging flower pot mounted on the ceiling. It will be a different way to decorate your room.


As one of the leading artificial plant manufacturers & suppliers in China, Sunwing can offer you the lists of the best sellers in your target countries and thoughtful additional services. Whether you are wholesalers, distributors, retailers, importers, and traders, welcome to contact us thru

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