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Are you interested in fake plants in pots wholesale for your business? Whether you are a trader, retailer, wholesaler, or importer looking for an excellent faux plants catalog for your new products lines or projects businesses, this blog will help you better enter this industry and choose the most suitable artificial plant supplier.


What Are Fake Plants In Pots Made Of?


Typically, according to the leaves of different artificial plants in pots, the two primary artificial plants on the markets are plastic and silk plants. Artificial potted plants made from these two materials both require less maintenance than natural plants.

  • Plastic Plants

PE artificial plants are mainly made of plastic; other materials include polystyrene, ceramics, foam, and metal. Plants made of plastic are less prone to wear and tear than silk plants with a long lifetime, no maintenance, and fade more slowly over time.

  • Silk Plants

Silk plants are not made of natural silk but a kind of polyether mixed with polyurethane to make lightweight foam. This material gives artificial plants the same touch as wild plants.

In addition, most artificial plants pots are cement, plastic, or ceramic. You can determine which is the best suitable for your business.

What Are Different Types Of Fake Plants In Pots On The Markets?


Available in a variety of different species, fake plant options range from tall trees to tiny succulents. You do not worry about sunlight & water or any other concerns that natural plants need.

Indoor decorative fake plants

Artificial house plants used for interior decoration usually have lifelike leaves that can be perfectly integrated with the design to create a beautiful picture. Fake plants for indoor typically have the following types:

Outdoor decorative fake plants

Tall figures can bring a style that does not belong to this latitude. In addition to large artificial trees, artificial topiary trees are also widely used for outdoor decoration.

Can Fake Plants In Pots Put Outdoors? How Long Will It Last Outside?


Yes! But not all fake trees in pots are suitable for outside, which depends on the material of the leaves.

Artificial plants in pots for outdoors usually last 2-2.5 years; some high-quality faux plants may last longer. Some suppliers inject UV additives into the blades during manufacturing; others spray UV coatings before shipment. No matter what method, they will extend lifespan; of course, the first method is better.

Fake Plants In Pots VS. Real Plants In Pots On Wholesale Business


Bulk natural plants for business

  • Spend more time caring

Because plants have different sunlight, moisture, and temperature requirements, they spend more time taking care of them when you choose natural wholesale plants.

  • Be prepared for planting

Setting up wholesale nurseries strategies, things like what you will grow, and what plans to deliver the plants or flowers to the customers? Before providing the plants for your customers, you will need to be plenty of container-grown plants.

Wholesale fake plants for a project

  • No need to spend a lot of time on maintenance

Artificial plants are not affected by sunlight, water, and other factors. They only need to clean up dust regularly to bring green to your project.

  • Quality comes first

Most artificial trees in pots are made of plastic. To save costs, some merchants will apply used raw materials to make the leaves dim in color, which leads to fade quickly, and have a short use time. If you are also concerned about the environment and health, please note whether their products are SGS certified and meet the ROHS standard.

Understand Your Needs Before Looking For a Suitable Wholesale Supplier 


Know your customer base

What kind of customer base does your business target? Survey the target group. Understand the preferences of your customers or potential customers. What are their needs for the product?

What type of artificial plant is on trend

Which materials will your customer appreciate? For example, if the most imported artificial plants in your area are UV-resistant faux plants, meaning fake plants made from UV protection may be more popular with customers.

  • What are the requirements for artificial plant suppliers
  • Does the supplier export to your country?
  • Is there any policy support for the newcomer?
  • What is the supplier’s delivery rate? Etc.

In short, understanding your needs before looking for a supplier will help you find the most qualified one among the many suppliers.

How To Find An Authentic Silk Plant Supplier In China?


Seeking suppliers after understanding the needs is the most crucial step.

Where to source artificial plants wholesale supplier?

  • Trade fairs

There are many artificial plants trade fairs in China every year. Generally speaking, face-to-face conversations are more conducive to understanding their products and services.

  • Google Search

A Google search will bring up any quality fake plants supplier from China; Pay attention to distinguishing the information’s authenticity before you get in touch.

  • Recommendations

Recommended by an experienced friend will give you faith in dealing with an unfamiliar faux plants supplier.

Tips for choosing the best fake plant supplier in China

  1. The supplier’s factory is large and powerful and can provide customized services according to demand.
  2. Their extensive export experience can help you enter this industry better.
  3. Having a strict product quality control system is the first step to ensure quality. Ask the supplier if they accept samples and more genuine products.
  4. What is the minimum order quantity needed? That is critical for the first order.

Fake Potted Plants Search Trend From 2018~2021

Artificial potted plants search trend from 2018-2021  Source: https://trends.google.com/

Related queries


As can be seen from the above chart, affected by the epidemic, search popularity has declined, but it has recovered in a short period, and the overall trend is to increase.

Some related keywords such as artificial outdoor hanging plants & artificial outdoor plants are rising rapidly! Meantime, they will impact on import artificial plants trend.

Sunwing Artificial Plants Wholesale Program


Sunwing artificial plants have their factory creating and supplying all ranges of silk trees and artificial plants in pots for business.

Suitable for :

  • Hotel & Office Supply & Procurement
  • Home & Garden Stores
  • Online Artificial plants Shops
  • Garden Centers

Why Sunwing Artificial trees Wholesale & Trade?

  • Strict quality control to ensure premium products &factory direct price.
  • ODM & OEM service available, customization packages & logo.
  • Familiar with the artificial plant market, provide the latest artificial plants trends.
  • Check its minimum order quantity, download artificial plant catalogs to learn more.
  • Professional design team to supplying creative ideas every day.

We Produce & Supply Real-Touch Artificial Plant, trees, and pots from China; if you have any questions, our team is here to help.


Sunwing industries ltd focuses on manufacturing the highest quality fake plants in pots and large artificial trees for commercial or retail. Our plastic or silk plants have passed SGS certification and provide a five-year indoor and three-year outdoors warranty. We sincerely invite you to share your projects or opinions thru sales@sunwingartificialplant.com!

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