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Factory-direct Artificial Plants Manufacturer China

Are you in search of artificial plants bulk supplier? Get bored of traditional styles of man-made plants? With its own factory, Sunwing manufactures all kinds of faux plants, such as artificial trees, artificial hanging basket, artificial bonsai etc. Undoubtedly, all silk plants Sunwing manufactures are of both aesthetic looking and high quality.

Brighten up your spaces without extra maintenance, realistic plants own the benefit of real plants have and get rid of the troubles the real one brings.

For bulk order quantity, welcome retailers, wholesalers, subcontractors, engineers or anyone who is looking for fake plants supplier get contact with us thru for a wholesale catalog.

With abundant experience and professional team, Sunwing promises meet your needs exceed your expectations for the following reasons:

  1. Rich Artificial Plants Manufacture Experience
  2. Boost Your Business with Factory-Direct Price
  3. Range of Indoor & Outdoor Artificial Plants for Choice
  4. Mass Production Ability for Large Project Capacity
  5. Reduce Follow-up Troubles with High Quality Fake Plants
  6. Customize Supported to Meet Your Special Requirements
  7. Ongoing Development to Provide More Potential Customers

Rich Artificial Plants Manufacture Experience

Established in 2004, Sunwing artificial plants factory originally produced artificial grass. Since the establishment, SUNWING has been in unremittingly exploration of manufacturing all kinds of plastic plants with both high quality and aesthetic.

Our products have been exported to more than 50 countries and achieved numerous compliments. As a leading company in factory-direct silk plants, SUNWING aims at wholesaling plants artificial to wholesalers, retailers, subcontractors, designers, architecture or any business in need of large quantities of plastic plants.

Boost Your Business with Factory-Direct Price

Looking for abundant plastic plants with relatively low cost? SUNWING is professional in manufacturing and exporting factory-direct faux plants. We offer one-stop service for artificial plants wholesale for wholesalers, retailers, project contractors and designers etc, so there will be no middleman, thus cutting your procurement cost. With purchase quantity raising, SUNWING will offer more profitable wholesale or distributor price for you. Welcome to get a quote for your project now!

Range of Indoor & Outdoor Artificial Plants for Choice

1. Artificial Plants for Indoor Decor


Though natural plants improve indoor air quality, there exist a lot of factors make them difficult to make up your spaces. For instance, the problem of allergy makes the existence of real plants impossible for certain people.

So, you can choose simulation plants as indoor decorations because they in no need of cutting or watering and avoid extra problems such as allergy. Meanwhile, you don’t have to spend time taking care of them.

Now, let’s have a general look at Sunwing faux indoor plants:

artificial flower trees indoor decor

White blossoms create an atmosphere of purity, while pink blossoms give us feeling of romantic. With extraordinary aesthetic appearance, Sunwing artificial flower trees will bring outside indoors to make your spaces full of vitality. Each leaf and blossom are highly lifelike to please your eyes. Range kinds of blossoms are available, you can customize the height, color, styles if in bulk need.

ndoor artificial plants decoration

Lush foliage sprouting from real wood or ultra-realistic plastic trunk, Sunwing artificial potted plants create a subtle blend of greenery that is a genuine visual wonder. You can free yourself from taking care of these plants in pot for they in no need of watering and cutting. So don’t hesitate to reach out to to get a wholesale catalog!

artificial desktop plants indoors

Sunwing manufactures variety of artificial small potted plants for tabletop décor. With 200 pieces minimum order required, you can procure excellent plants made of fresh new PE with a factory-direct price. Range of styles such as heart shape leaves, begonia leaves, maple leaves, grape leaves are available. Each of this mini bonsai artificial will make your home or office more vibrant.

Get A Full Catalog At Once!

2. Artificial Pants for Outdoor Decor

outdoor faux plants collections

Most silk plants are customization optional for UV retardant and fire proof, so they will be stable even outside. Plants made of silk never change by seasonal or weather reasons in any time around a year. SUNWING supplies artificial trees, artificial moss, artificial grass, artificial flowers and artificial topiary balls in outdoor occasions like sports ground, gardens or festival events.

Have an overlook of Sunwing faux outdoor plants with me now:

large artificial trees outdoors

Traditional natural trees have the troubles of falling leaves and insects. However, realistic trees never change by seasonal and weather reasons. Enjoy the lasting beauty of your outdoor spaces with the Sunwing artificial trees large size. All the fake trees are with UV retardant, certificated fire rated for outdoor stable. Range of styles and kinds, including extra-large size are available, so you can easily find the product you need in Sunwing.


Get rid of boring bare green walls with Sunwing artificial hanging basket! Infinite possibility of colors and styles that make your walls rich and colorful. Artificial baskets hanging outdoors support UV and fire proof customization to prolong lifetime for outdoor use. Give your gardens, balcony or any other outdoor spaces more unique choices with Sunwing faux hanging plants!

silk plant in pots outdoor decor

Want to add your outdoor scenes more green colors but fear of wasting time taking care of them? Why not put artificial potted plants as outdoor décor? Most artificial bonsai can be customized for UV retardant and fire resistance, so they will be suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, as well as never need extra time spending on them.

In bulk needs of silk potted plants? Start your trade trip in Sunwing now!

Mass Production Ability for Large Project Capacity

large-scale production line

Over years of development, Sunwing factory is now equipped with over 60 machines and over 120 molds. As a factory-direct company, Sunwing owns mass production ability to meet your needs of large order quantity. So, if you are looking for artificial plants bulk supplier, Sunwing will be your best choice to meet your needs. Come to contact us for your project right now!

Reduce Follow-up Troubles with High Quality Fake Plants

artificial plants characteristics

UV protection and fire retardant are customization optional to prolong the lifetime of the faux plants. Meanwhile, all the plants are made of fresh new PE and free of heavy mental. To guarantee good products quality and provide satisfactory service, all steps from material selection to final shipping are under strict supervisory control. The simulation, durance and environment protection make the product do well in both quality and appearance.

Customization Supported to Meet Your Special Requirement

SUNWING- the leading supplier of man-made plants will design according to your requirements. You can customize the shape, size, color and any other characteristics as you want if in bulk need. OEM & ODM service is available as well. If you own artificial plants related brand, we can provide high quality packaging for your product. We are highly flexible and can produce print and color according to your wishes. For more requirements, welcome contact us thru

Ongoing Development to Provide More Potential Customers

SUNWING has kept digging into how to make greater development since the establishment and keeps working hard for it. SUNWING has been kept making improvement to make it better on both quality and looking. In order to offer better products and more choices, SUNWING is always on the way to provide more potential customers. If you are looking for high-quality artificial indoor and outdoor plants bulk supplier, contact us thru now!


SUNWING – as a leading artificial plants supplier in China, its production line is much more than what have been mentioned above. With abundant experience and professional team, we promise we are able to meet your needs for indoor and outdoor silk plants such as realistic plants in pot, faux trees exceed your expectation. For bulk orders, welcome retailers, wholesalers, large project contractors, or anyone who is in need of large quantity of all kinds of artificial plants contact us thru to get a wholesale catalog!

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