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Artificial potted plants are the best choice for indoor and outdoor decoration, which bring surprises to ordinary decoration. At Sunwing, we provide realistic and high-quality fake potted plants, including potted snake artificial plants、artificial palm trees in pot、mini artificial potted plants desktop, etc. Here, you can always find a potted plant that meets your needs. If you need it, you can click here to contact us.

Artificial Plants Pots Market Analysis

It can be seen from the hot search trend that the search interest for faux plants in a pot is gradually rising.

Artificial potted plants Search Trend Over Time from 2017-2021

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Import Trend

Artificial Plants Global Search Trend from 2018-2021

The following information can be obtained from the table:

  1. Imports of artificial potted plants have shown an upward trend, and the number of imports increased during the epidemic.
  2. People affected by the epidemic are more concerned about their safety, so there are fluctuations.

The global artificial plant market is expected to grow from USD 7,635.21 million in 2021 to USD 8,786.36 million by the end of 2025, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.66%.


Why Choose Artificial Plant In Pot?


  • Easy to take care of

You don’t need to spend time on watering, fertilizing, pruning, falling, etc. Most of our artificial potted plants use brand-new PE materials, which guarantees that the finished items can keep bright colors throughout the year. Just put it in your favorite place, and it will bring you green.

  • No allergies

If you are a person prone to allergies, you can safely choose artificial potted plants. Artificial potted plants will not release pollen or other allergens. In addition, they will not attract minor bugs, and they are also very friendly to babies.

  • Improve the atmosphere

Green can bring freshness, and it can, in a way, reduce visual fatigue. Green plants can create a stress-free environment, so many offices use green plants to decorate. Some of the more popular artificial plants: Mini Artificial Potted Plants Desktop. PVC materials and clay pots make up our artificial potted plants to make them look more realistic.

Where To Buy Potted Artificial Plants Bulk?

When you ask this question, you might as well consider China. As the largest exporting country, China has a complete system for artificial plants. At Sunwing, as the largest artificial potted plants bulk wholesale, we have professional designers and R&D teams that can meet your various needs.

Top 1: Snake Artificial Plant—- MOQ:20-500 pieces according to size

Many pet owners who dream of owning a snake plant have to hold off, as the plant can be poisonous for dogs and cats. Our artificial potted plants are your best choice.

  • Features realistic looking variegated faux foliage trimmed in yellow
  • Regular Size:24-100 cm / Customization Optional
  • Pass UV and heavy metal test

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Top 2: Artificial Bamboo In Pot—- MOQ: 50pcs


The bamboo we produce uses green bamboo leaves and green bamboo poles to combine them with a realistic appearance perfectly. It looks very graceful and elegant.

  • UV protected
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Highly Lifelike

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Top3: Boxwood Small Plastic Plants In Pots— MOQ: 200pcs


This kind of potted plant is very suitable for the kitchen or the courtyard. The external cement tank is combined with the yard, making it difficult to distinguish true from false.

  • Suitable for small corners
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Never go out of style

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Top4: Begonia Leaves Artificial Potted Plants— MOQ: 200pcs


Decorating the room with green crabapple leaves is a unique decoration. Red veins scattered languidly on the dark green leaves. Sunwing has advanced technology and a highly innovative design team that can provide various artificial potted plants.

  • Avariety of styles to choose
  • Highly Lifelike
  • Customizable

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Top5: Mini Artificial Potted Plants For Desktop—- MOQ: 200pcs


This kind of mini artificial potted plant will never let you down. No matter where you put them, they are the best choice. There are green leaves and small flowers on the white porcelain pot. Placed where the sun shines in, Attracting many butterflies.

  • Fresh PE
  • decoration items
  • evergreen& Indoor for three years

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Tips For Artificial Potted Plants Decoration


High-quality raw materials

Artificial fake plants are linked with the words cheap. Fake plants use high-quality raw materials; they are non-toxic, non-polluting, will not harm the environment, and can guarantee simulation. Sunwing artificial plants for suppliers can provide a five-year shelf life, which is why we recommend you to invest.

DIY your home as you wish

  • Meet your decoration needs

When buying artificial plants, you need to understand the decoration style of your home. Is there a free corner at home? Does the dining table or balcony need green plants? After understanding, you can better integrate artificial potted plants with your home.

  • Fit to actual needs

Although you are using artificial plants, it doesn’t mean that they can’t look real. A good way is that we can place it in an area with natural light. Keep things simple in work areas, such as kitchens and counters, to interfere with work.

  • Unleash your creativity

You can try to imitate the appearance of the vase and make sure that the stem is long enough. It looks natural in the bottle. Mix artificial plants and real plants, or combine different artificial plants yourself; no matter which method you use, you can get the most suitable plant.

  • Pay attention to cleanliness.

Artificial potted plants do not need to be taken care of but keep them as beautiful as possible to avoid contamination or dust them. Spritz the dirty areas with water or a specialty cleaner and wipe them clean quickly and carefully.


Sunwing Large Artificial Potted Plants Supplier


Sunwing is a Chinese one-stop-shop artificial potted plants manufacturer. We can provide all kinds of information and services as below:

  • ISO & SGS Certified Manufacturer
  • High-quality and safe raw materials
  • Experienced manufacturers, talented designers, and excellent marketers.
  • Produce artificial potted plants close to nature.
  • Production Capability: 100000 PCS/Month


Artificial plants are becoming more and more popular among young people mainly because they do not have the time and energy to grow natural green plants. Bring the outdoor green to your eyes; Using artificial plants in business or at home can bring you inspiration. From a long-term perspective, the development trend of artificial plants is increasing.

If you are interested in establishing your artificial business. Welcome to contact us thru

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